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Pattern Toolbox: Easy Way to Recolor Patterns

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Class Description

Welcome to my Pattern Toolbox short classes, specifically designed for Illustrator pattern makers. In this class we will focus on tips and tricks to make recoloring and choosing color palettes easy and fun!

Choosing the right colors for a project can be both fun as well as intimidatng at times. What colors go well together, how many colors to introduce in a design not to make it feel too overwhelmed, how to even choose a color when you have a blank artboard on your screen?

The easiest way to go about changing colors throughout your entire pattern is by using the Recolor Artwork tool. Learn the reason why as well as tips and tricks to make pattern designing a breeze by taking this class!

Are you new to designing seamless patterns? Take my class “Repeat Patterns Made Easy, in Illustrator” for a step-by-step look at creating a repeat pattern.

Key lessons include:

  • Using the Recolor Artwork tool
  • Grouping/ungrouping colors
  • Recoloring selective colors

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Student Projects

Very useful and informative class, with clear explanations. Would definitely recommend this class and teacher.

Suki L.

I enjoyed learning about AI recolor tool. Quick and easy.

Autumn H.