Quirky Sewing Skillshare class: Guide to Illustrator's Pathfinder Tool: Drawing Butterflies

Guide to Illustrator's Pathfinder Tool: Drawing Butterflies

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Class Description

Guide to Illustrator’s Pathfinder Tool: Drawing Butterflies from Simple Shapes and Pathfinder Tool

Learn to build shapes in Illustrator with the Pathfinder Tool, as an alternative tool to the Pen Tool. We’ll draw simple shapes and combine them with the Pathfinder tool to create complex shapes, we’ll work with  the Alignment tool and the Reflect tool and we’ll be adding embellishments in this easy to follow Illustrator class. In this beginner class we’ll use basic shapes to design symmetrical butterflies to get you comfortable designing simple and complex characters.

Key lessons include:

  • Using the simple shape tools (ellipse, rectangle)
  • Using the pathfinder, alignment and reflect tool
  • Creating butterflies from simple shapes
  • Tips and tricks to streamline your design process


  • Minimum basic Illustrator skills
  • Illustrator (Daniela is using CS6)


  • design butterflies
  • put together an illustration or pattern

Let’s get creative!

Daniela ⚘