Create a Half-Drop Pattern in Illustrator. Skillshare class by Quirky Sewing for surface pattern designers and enthusiasts.

Create a Half-Drop Pattern, in Illustrator

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Class Description

Welcome to my Pattern Toolbox short classes, specifically designed for Illustrator pattern makers. In this short, bite-size class we will focus on tips and tricks to make a half-drop repeat pattern!

I will take you through some examples of basic and half-drop repeats and the differences between them. This class shares my method of creating a half-drop repeat (brick by row or brick by column), using both the automated Pattern Tool, as well as the old-fashioned manual way. I will share tips and tricks to design an intricate, consistent repeat tile!

For a detailed, step-by-step process on how to create a seamless repeat pattern, take my class “Repeat Patterns Made Easy, in Illustrator”.

Key lessons include:

  • Basic vs. Half-Drop repeat
  • How to create an intricate repeat tile
  • Using the Pattern Tool to create a brick by row pattern
  • Using the Clipping Mask to create a brick by column pattern


  • Minimum basic Illustrator (& Photoshop) skills
  • Illustrator (Daniela is using CS6)
  • This class is part of my short, bite-size classes specifically designed for Illustrator pattern makers.

Happy Making!

Daniela ⚘

Class Photos

Never though creating patterns would be so fun.. Thanks for the class.

Jay M.

Daniella provides a lot of useful ideas on how to disguise the repeat unit of a complex pattern, and how to do it simply. The end result is a free all-over polychromatic pattern of abstract elements that looks seamless.

Chris H.